Coal Resource and Reserve Reporting (JORC, NI43-101, SAMREC)

  • TANZANIA (Dar es Salaam): 11-15/7/22

Course Brief

Reporting of Coal Resources and Coal Reserves entails the preparation of summary technical reports that comply with various company and regulatory requirements.  The principles of reporting are transparency and materiality of the methodologies and information in the reports, and competency of the individuals undertaking the evaluations and reporting.  Amongst the regulatory and company requirements is the appointment of Competent Person’s to take professional (and legal) responsibility for the format and content of the reports.

The Competent Person must meet specific levels of technical expertise in coal geology and coal exploration, and ability to make judgements, and to comment on the quality of technical work.  The Competent Person must also be able assess at a reasonable level the materiality of any factors likely to the company’s financial performance.  Finally, the Competent Person must be able to produce a report in the required formats.

This course is designed to provide the participants with a short history of and context to the regulations relating to coal exploration and coal mining, and to present the primary reference materials used in the reporting of Coal Resources and Coal Reserves.  This course helps technical specialists involved in reporting, to meet the formatting requirements for these reports, and offers guidelines on how to comment on the quality of technical information and risk factors.

Learning the requirements for content and formatting of these reports is based on memorizing basic rules, collecting and learning how to use a set of appropriate reference documents and adopting behaviours and attitudes aligned with independent thinking, personal responsibility and professional ethics.

The list of examples used to demonstrate acceptable reporting formats addresses areas of greatest concern, where practice is difficult and/or poorly complied with.

Course Content

  • Resource Codes (JORC, NI43-101, SAMREC)
  • Understanding the Requirements of the SANS 10320 Document
  • Project Evaluation and CPR Preparation