Concepts of Mineral Resource Estimation

  • TURKEY: 2-3/6/22
  • FINLAND: 6-7/10/22
  • SPAIN: 1-2/12/22

Course Brief

The Concepts of Mineral Resource Estimation training course will take delegates through the workflow steps from exploration grassroots to the end of a mineral resource estimation study.

The aim of this training is to understand the theory behind a Mineral Resource Estimation workflow.

The modules and concepts listed below will be covered in this course.  There will also be ample time for Q&A during each session.

MODULE 1 – Exploration for a Mineral Resource Estimation study

MODULE 2 – Database and Geological Modelling

MODULE 3 – Block modelling and Classical Grade Interpolation

MODULE 4 – Geostatistics

MODULE 5 – Reporting

The concepts reviewed on this course are:

  • Exploration for a mineral resource estimation study
  • Sampling QAQC
  • Database integrity
  • Density database
  • Geological modelling for a mineral resource estimation study
  • EDA – Exploratory data analysis
  • Domains
  • Boundaries
  • Compositing
  • Top Cut
  • Block Model
  • Search Neighbourhood
  • Grade Interpolation: Inverse Distance Weighting
  • Geostatistics – Semivariograms
  • Grade Interpolation: Ordinary Kriging
  • Grade Interpolation: Multiple Indicator Kriging
  • Global and Local Validation
  • Classification
  • Reporting