Elementary Geotechnical Engineering

  • INDONESIA: 30/3-/1/4/22
  • PHILIPPINES: 22-24/6/22
  • INDONESIA: 24-26/8/22

Course Brief

This course is aimed at Strata Control Technicians and is a general theoretical course covering basic strata control theory applicable in all types of surface mining environments. The theoretical strata control knowledge required is of a fundamental nature and appropriate to all mining scenarios.

The course runs over 3 days and involves theoretical aspects of strata control, combined with examples of surface operations strata control issues.

The delivered content is based on the presumption that the candidates understand basic geotechnical principles.

Course Content:

  • Rock Engineering Terminology
  • Basic principles of Rock Engineering
  • Geology, Rock Properties and Rock Mass properties,
  • Stress in rock and rock mass
  • Support types
  • Drilling and blasting (Rock breaking)
  • Mine plans
  • Stress & strain
  • Fundamental principles of mining layouts and mining layout design
  • Mining support and mining support design
  • Investigation techniques and evaluation
  • Legal compliance and general management