Essential Coal Geology

  • ROMANIA: 21-25/2/22
  • TURKEY: 13-17/6/22

Course Brief

This 5-day course covers several facets of coal mining geology, namely:

  • Working with Coal Quality Data
  • Coal Resource Modelling and Estimation
  • Basics of Coal Resource and Reserve Reporting

Coal Quality Data

This part of the course covers the numerical evaluation of coal quality data, beginning with the assessment of the raw data derived from the individual sampled ‘plies’ in each unique borehole intersection, and the compounding of these results into full seam composites. The evaluation is then extended to the elementary statistical analysis of project data sets comprising the full complement of available borehole intersections.

The statistical analysis includes simple data validation techniques designed to highlight data errors and anomalous results in both the physical and the quality attributes of the coal deposit. It also provides valid average values and ranges for these physical and quality data. The numerical work utilises standard Microsoft Excel software.

The following aspects are covered in this course:

  • Derivation of Seam Quality Composites from Raw Assay Data
  • Database Layout
  • Data Validation
  • Estimation of Average Physical and Quality Parameters
  • Coal Quality Reporting

Coal Resource Modelling and Estimation

During this phase of the course, delegates learn how to generate models and estimate the Resource.

The first part of the course teaches delegates how to utilise a quality coal database to generate 2D and 3D physical coal deposit models and to model trends in the quality attributes of the coal. These models are produced using modelling software. Many modelling algorithms are investigated and the various advantages and disadvantages of each are evaluated during the course.

The second part of the course utilises these models to calculate resource areas and volumes as a prelude to the estimation of resource tonnages and provision of their resource classification.

The delegate will be exposed to:

  • Derivation of Seam Quality Composites from Raw Assay Data
  • Deposit Modelling Methods
  • Theoretical Geological Losses
  • Physical Resource Modelling
  • Coal Quality Modelling
  • Resource Calculations and Resource Estimation

Basics of Coal Resource and Reserve Reporting

Coal Resources and Coal Reserves reporting entails the preparation of summary technical reports that comply with various company and regulatory requirements.  The last part of this course ultimately provides delegates with a guide to compiling Competent Person’s reports (CPR’s), acceptable to JORC, NI 43-101 and SAMREC standards.

Aspects covered include:

  • Resource Codes (JORC, NI43-101, SAMREC)
  • Understanding the Requirements of the SANS 10320 Document