Geotechnical/Rock Engineering for Practitioners

  • INDONESIA: 4-6/4/22
  • PHILIPPINES: 27-29/6/22
  • INDONESIA: 29-31/8/22

Course Brief

This course is designed for practicing Geotechnical Engineers.

DEKA Dynamics Rock Mechanics/Geotechnical Engineering programme is progressive, building on the understanding and application of fundamental knowledge through to specialization.  The courses cover Elementary and Practitioner levels and candidates are required to have appropriate experience and exposure within their geotechnical departments of the mining operations.

This course covers specific aspects of geotechnical engineering in surface mining operations. The geotechnical engineering knowledge required for this course of a specialised nature, relevant to the appropriate mining method.

The course runs over 3 days and involves theoretical aspects of strata control, combined with examples of geotechnical aspects of surface operations.

Course Content:

  • Rock mass rating (RMR)
  • Rock and Rock mass behaviour (includes slope stability and failure, failure mechanisms, ground water)
  • Seismicity
  • Slope design principles
  • Mining support strategies
  • Rock testing (to generate input parameters for numerical modelling)
  • Numerical modelling (FLAC, UDEC, DIPS, FEATHERS).
  • Instrumentation
  • Environmental impact
  • Mining in difficult circumstances
  • Design and location of waste dumps, spoils dumps, tailings dumps
  • Legal liability