Introduction to Geostatistics and Variograms

  • AFRICA (TBA): 5-6/9/22
  • AFRICA (TBA): 24-25/10/22
  • AFRICA (TBA): 7-8/11/22

Course Brief

The “Introduction to Geostatistics and Semivariograms” training will introduce delegates into the Geostatistics and Semivariograms world for a mineral resource estimation (MRE) study.

The training will start with the review of the mineral resource estimation study basic concepts with influence on Geostatistics and semivariograms processes. In the second chapter semivariograms workflow and Kriging methods will be presented. Finally, semivariograms will be studied from a practical point of view.

Database´s files and activities will be provided to practice semivariograms using the free open software from Stanford University SGEMS. The link will be provided by DEKA Dynamics, to complete the practical part of the course. No need of previous usage knowledge, text material and practice activities will be provided in order to use the software to a basic level (enough for the training and subsequent practice).

It is recommended previous basic level experience in mineral resource estimation (at least in Estimation by Inverse Distance Weighting).

The subjects listed below will be covered in the 16 hours duration of the training (8h theory + 8h practice). There will also be time for Q&A during the sessions:

Course Content

  • Quick review of MRE basics applied to Geostatistics and Semivariograms
    • Exploration
    • Sampling
    • Database integrity
    • Domains
    • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
    • Search Ellipsoid
    • Classical Grade Interpolation: Inverse Distance Weighting
  • Geostatistics in MRE
    • Semivariograms workflow
    • Grade Interpolation: review of Kriging methods
    • Search Ellipsoid
    • Global and Local Validation
  • Semivariograms (Practice)
    • Semivariograms workflow
    • Semivariograms interpretation