Mining Geology and Mining Practices 101

  • UAE (Dubai): 22-23/8//22
  • SPAIN (Oviedo): 27-28/11/22
  • UAE (Dubai): 10-11/11/22
  • TÜRKIYE (Istanbul): 12-13/12/22

Course Brief

There are many people involved or associated with the mining industry who have not worked on a mine site and do not necessarily understand the mining processes.  This two-day course highlights the underlying geology that provides mineral wealth to be exploited and is followed by an insight into the different facets of mining needed to make a viable ore deposit a success.

Delegates will leave the course with a better understanding of mining.

You will be provided with:

  • How the structure of the earth provides us with the minerals we mine
  • The identification of iron ore, gold, nickel, base metals and bauxite deposits and more
  • An overview of the formation of coal, oil and gas deposits
  • An overview of drilling and sample methods
  • Undertake a sampling exercise and identify sampling errors
  • The application of resource estimation to quantify a mineral deposit


The Mining session provides delegates with an overview of the mining cycle for open pit and underground mines, from feasibility studies to mine closure.  The iterative planning process is discussed, and delegates will be able to see that a mine continually plans and plans.

Audio Visual aids provide visualisation of the mining process, incorporating open-pit and various underground mining operations.

You will learn about:

  • The life of a mine from exploration through to mine closure
  • Open Pit and Underground mining
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Mine planning; optimisation, scheduling, cut-off grades
  • Mine Planning activities
  • Capital and Operating Costs
  • Mine closure and rehabilitation