Reporting of Mineral Resources and Reserves

  • INDONESIA (Jakarta): 27/7-1/8/22

Course Brief

Reporting of Mineral Resource and Mineral Reserves is a requirement for most mining companies either as part of a listing on a stock exchange, reporting to governments and other stakeholders or for raising of funding.  To allow for transparent reporting and comparison between companies, stock exchanges, regulatory agencies and financial institutions require technical information to be presented in a specific format.   This course is intended to help the technical specialists involved in Public Reporting, meet the formatting requirements for these reports.  The course offers guidelines on appropriate reporting to the level of project/company development and how to comment on the quality of technical information and risk factors.

This course provides a short history of and context to the regulations (JORC, 43-101, SAMREC) along with the primary reference materials used in the reporting of Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves.  It includes exercises in reviewing reports and press releases, writing portions of a report, filling out Table 1 (JORC or SAMREC) and guidelines on personal responsibility and professional ethics.

Course Content

  • History and Principles of Public Reporting of Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves.
  • Competent Person’s and Lead Competent Person’s Responsibilities.
  • Structure of the most commonly used reporting codes (JORC, 43-101, SAMREC or other CRIRSCO aligned codes).
  • SEC, Form20F and Industry Guide 7.
  • Technical Reports, Press Releases, Websites and other forms of Public Reporting.
  • Reporting of Exploration Results.
  • Reporting of Mineral Resources without Mineral Reserves.
  • Reporting of Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves.
  • Updates of technical reports/press releases and follow-on (additional Studies) reports.
  • Formatting of Figures.
  • Table 1 (JORC/SAMREC)
  • Writing Styles and Terminology,
  • Competent Person’s Statements and Certificates