Talent Management and Succession Planning

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships

Course Brief

  • Assess and identify skills gaps
  • Develop relevant training programs
  • Establish effective career pathways
  • Review of operation excellence within the talent management system
  • Refine and establish success planning process
A key element in business is the management of the skills, talent and succession of employees. When this is done effectively, staff are prepared and ready to cope with current & future work requirements.

The first step in talent management and succession planning is to prepare a workforce plan. Workforce planning is fundamental to the efficient operation and sustainability of your business.

It underpins talent management and succession planning by identifying and defining all the competencies required to successfully operate your business.

Talent management and succession planning will provide your business with a deliberate strategy for the retention and continuation of critical competencies and demonstrate a genuine commitment to developing your existing workforce.

Without a planned and deliberate approach your business may be unable to provide its services and products to the level or at the quality expected.