Application of Geostats in Resource Modelling using Geovia Surpac

  • INDONESIA (SINGAPORE): 15-19/4/24
  • PHILIPPINES (MAKATI): 8-12/7/24

Course Brief

An important end product of a resource evaluation is a “model,” or a set of points in space which contain estimated values. These values must often be re-evaluated, re-modelled, re-analyzed, get tested and checked for resource errors that might have been inculcated during the primary resource modelling. This goes far to talk about employing geological constraints and complex or calculated attributes necessary for economic modelling and planning.

The Geostatistics course is an intensive program intended for geologists, mine planners, mining engineers or technical managers whose job demands technical and economic understanding, orebody supervision, internal and external auditing, overseeing or direct and indirect use of the resource model.

In this course, the individual will learn how to:

  • Handle different ore domains in a single drilling grid,
  • Analyze 2-D and 3-D orebodies,
  • Apply isotropic & anisotropic analysis in modelling, variogram modelling & mapping, complex block modelling,
  • Address different estimation methods, including MIK,
  • Use different block model validation methods, as well as standard block model reporting and analysis.

Course Content

  • Geology and Ore domaining
  • Understanding Geostatistics
  • Isotropic & Anisotropic Analysis
  • Variogram Modelling & Mapping
  • Complex Block Modelling Concept
  • Different Estimation Methods
  • Different Block Model Validation Methods:
  • Standard BM Reporting & Block Size Analysis

Course Requirements

  • Hardware: The individual must have a Personal Computer.
  • Software: Each delegate will need a Geovia Surpac License.