Our Team

Our team provides clients with access to highly experienced personnel who have experience in the Corporate, Operational, Technical, and Sales environment with particular emphasis on:

  • Education and Training Services
  • Exploration Activities
  • Geophysical Surveys
  • Resource Modelling and Estimation
  • Mine Management and Operations
  • Mining Engineering
  • Short-, Medium- and Long-Term Mine Planning, Design and Scheduling
  • Mine Ventilation Networks
  • Mine Water Distribution Networks
  • Technical Services
  • Resource and Reserve Competent Person Responsibilities
  • Metallurgy and Mineral Processing
  • Pre-Feasibility and Bankable Feasibility Projects
  • Project Management
  • Contracting/Contractor Management
  • Financial Modelling
  • Mine Closure
  • Business analysis/ Strategic Planning
  • HSEC/Risk

The team’s experience spans multiple commodities and types of operations, across a number of countries, and managing different cultural groups, often in the same country, with their most recent experiences being  the lead in project analysis for a major multi-national mining investment company.


Dennis Kattowitz
Group Managing Director

Managing Director of our Group of Companies, Dennis’ passion has been focused on technology and its application in mining, which he has continued to promote during his 30‐plus years in the industry. With mining and mineral resource management experience built up from his years in the South African deep level gold mines, Dennis has extended his portfolio to include roles such as Board membership and senior management, including Senior Technical Manager with Mitsubishi Development, General Manager for a Caterpillar dealer Joint Venture company, Chief Surveyor with Anglo American Coal, and Sales and Marketing Manager for a number of companies. Dennis brings a broad range of experience, including project management and implementation skills, beneficial to any company.


Fred Chitonga
GM - Europe, Middle East and Asia

Fred has been involved in the minerals extractive industry for over 20 years  in various countries and organisations around the world, gaining international experience with major mining companies in optimising workflows and processes to locate, evaluate and exploit economic mineral deposits. As an experienced geologist, certified project manager and change agent, Fred excels at conducting geoscientific exercises to improve technical practices and manage risk in geoscientific simulations. Fred has experience in open pit, underground and consulting environments and is conversant in leading mining software including, Isatis, Datamine Studio, MineSight, MapInfo-Discover, ArcGIS, Leapfrog, acQuire, Fusion and Sirovision.

Fernando Linares Quiroa
GM - Latin America

Fernando has over 30 years of professional experience and more than 20 years as a resource geologist. With experience in operational and exploration functions working in underground and open pit mining, Fernando’s experience extends to epithermal, mesotérmales, VMS, MVT, copper molybdenum porphyry, copper and gold porphyry deposits.  He has also been extensively involved in exploration of basic metals in Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina and Canada. Fernando is an expert in geological and resource modeling, the implementation of quality assurance and control programs (QA/QC), geologic database administration and in the use of mining software such as GEMS, Leapfrog and Surpac.and South African (SAMREC) requirements for mineral resource reporting.

Kathleen Body

Kathleen has had an extensive career assisting mining companies in the fields of Mineral Resources, Grade control and Sampling, either as an employee or consultant.  She has substantial experience in mineral evaluation from early stage exploration, production and reprocessing of waste materials.  As would be expected, Kathleen continuously maintains her knowledge and has run numerous courses and seminars in sampling, quality control, resource estimation and geostatistics.  She also covers mineral/metal extraction, financial valuation and risk assessment.  In addition to gold, she has extensive experience in other commodities and is a Qualified/Competent person, Project Lead or Supervising Principal in many of them.  As a French speaker, she is able to teach in French.

Steven Rupprecht

With an education in the US and South Africa, Steven brings a tremendous level of mining experience to the DEKA Group.  Involved in mining since obtaining his BSc Mining Engineering in 1986, Steven has progressed through the mining ranks and commodities of gold and coal, achieving Technical Director level.  He obtained his PhD in 2003.

Steven has also gained experience as a mining consultant and spent four years with CSIR as a Research Area Manager.  Steven now devotes his time and knowledge teaching young mining engineers the intricacies of mining.  His experience in the application of mining engineering on feasibility/pre-feasibility studies in numerous commodities, along with Project Management appointments and appointments as CP for various mining companies, attests to his subject matter knowledge.  Steven is also a serving Council member on the SAIMM.

Marta Sostre

Marta brings a wealth of geological knowledge to our team as well as a strong background in multiple mining software platforms.  With experience in the fields of geological modelling and mineral resource estimation, gained from working with a number of companies, her role in our company focuses on consulting, personnel development and training, which she has been engaged in doing since 2009.Marta speaks English and Spanish and has assisted mining software companies with the translation of their excellent software solutions from English into Spanish.

Kobie Fourie

Kobie Fourie is a mine ventilation specialist with more than 40 years of underground mining and  international consultant experience. His experience covers then combatting of underground fires, long term ventilation and refrigeration planning and water distribution and dewatering networks design. He has also managed Ventilation, Occupational Hygiene and Safety departments, as well as responsibility for environmental and fire monitoring systems at some operations

Kobie is extremely passionate about helping people, to develop their knowledge and understanding of ventilation and enjoys sharing his practical experience, on a rather technical subject, with his audience.

He also provides basic and advance training for Ventsim Design and Pumpsim programs. In addition to providing our ventilation-oriented training, Kobie has substantial experience in building and calibrating Ventsim and Pumpsim models and is quite capable in the evaluation of existing models, pre-feasibility studies and life of mine planning.

He is a mentor for many graduates and ventilation personnel.

Carel De Beer

Carel has 25 plus years of experience in mining (iron ore, coal, diamonds, platinum, base metals, industrial minerals and rare earth minerals) and civil geotechnical environments. He has managed geotechnical site investigations for open pit design, mine infrastructure and major cut slopes and specialises in open-pit mining; specifically mining over and through previously mined underground workings as well establishing open pit mines in mountainous terrains. His experience includes extensive geohydrology, which has benefited many projects through an integrated approach to rock engineering, geotechnical engineering and geohydrology, improving open pit slope design.  Carel’s operational mining career have added to his practical experience of geotechnical input parameters and factors, which includes experience and knowledge of geotechnical audits, numerical modelling for pit slope design and optimisation, geotechnical and rock engineering designs.

Dr Andrew W Cox

Specialising in the energy and environmental sectors, Andrew has been providing consulting and training throughout the world and is well known for his published articles and papers relating to coal technologies.  His recent consultancy work has involved project and background studies covering mine closures/reclamation projects; port developments in Europe and Russia; climate change issues; economic appraisals and evaluations of coal to liquids technologies; surface coal mining projects; power plant fuel and design evaluations; and a global market survey of virtual reality training systems in the mining sector.

Andrew was also Editor of the monthly newsletter UK Coal Review in the 90s. The newsletter examined all aspects of the UK coal sector, including coal production in underground and surface mines; UK power station sector; coal imports and transportation; corporate and related policy developments. In 2000 Dr Cox co-authored a book “Digging Up Trouble” [with Huw Beynon and Ray Hudson], examining the environmental, social, economic and political issues surrounding the UK opencast coal mining sector.  Since the late 80s Dr Cox has contributed to a wide range of energy and environmental publications.

Bob Hatherly

Bob has 40 years of experience in mining and exploration geology and has been a consulting geologist for more than half of that time, specialising in coal exploration during the last decade. His key strengths are in the implementation and complete management of exploration projects, and the on-site training of graduate exploration geologists.  He has been involved in exploration projects throughout Africa, as well as Turkey.
Bob originated the compliance related audit service, Sample Trail Audit (STA), now used by Venmyn Deloitte. STA is specifically designed to be implemented on exploration and mining projects in order to monitor the sampling standards and QA/QC procedures of field geologists and technicians.

Kevin Wright

With over 40 years developing and managing mining operations, and 16 years has been in tropical high rainfall environments, Kevin’s background includes exploration programmes, resource estimation, metallurgical analysis, pilot test work, mine and process plant design and construction management.  He has been hands-on in underground and open pit mines applying gravity, heap leach, flotation, CIP/CIL, and bacterial oxidation recovery methods. With exposure across multiple commodities that include lead, zinc, copper, tin, and iron, coal, aluminium and industrial minerals, Kevin has “honed” his experience in regions such as Central and South America, the Caribbean, Southeast and Central Asia, Russia, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and North America.

Greg Kinnaird

For over 20 years, Greg has been committed and passionate about providing competency development solutions that embody global leadership in a practical, relevant and inspiring way by. He does this by:

  • 360 degree feedback processes
  • Coaching conversation programs
  • On-the-job training initiatives
  • Mentoring and buddying schemes
  • In-house development programs

His key skills lie in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of competency and capability development initiatives that are aligned with the organisations goals and objectives. In addition to this group of solutions. Greg offers One-on-One coaching and mentoring support to assist workplace leaders and their teams to integrate their skills to meet their workplace KPI's and objectives.

Internationally, Greg has conducted competency and capability development programs in many countries around the world.