Exploration Drilling Program Management

  • PAPUA NEW GUINEA (Port Moresby): 29/6-1/7/22

Course Brief

This is a short desktop introduction to the theoretical basis of the standard exploration field techniques and common practices that have become an essential part of the exploration process. The course will cover two broad interrelated topics, namely:

  • Basic Principles of Exploration – Field Management: How to set up and run a successful coal exploration project
  • Effective Drill Management – Employing simple control measures to monitor and direct the progress of a drilling

The course will provide a solid but easily understood grounding in the management of exploration drilling programmes, as well as presenting the ‘tricks of the trade’ necessary for effective handling of day-to-day drill site logistics and control.

The course will be concluded with a short desk-top assessment exercise to test the trainee’s grasp and understanding of the critical issues presented during the course.

The training will cover the design of drilling programmes and the field management of drilling operations, as well as the safety and environmental issues that need to be considered whilst involved in an ongoing exploration project.

The emphasis throughout the course will be on effective techniques that are designed to ensure that the results of the exploration programme provide the best representation of both the physical and quality attributes of the resource.

The following subjects will be addressed:

Planning a Drilling Programme:

  • Preliminary Desk-Top Studies:
  • Reviewing of historic data,
  • Preliminary borehole layout planning
  • Choice of appropriate drilling method
  • Drill layout adjustments during an active drilling programme

Basics of Drill Control:

  • Siting of boreholes
  • Site accessibility
  • Water supply logistics.
  • Road and drill site bush clearance
  • Managing drill rig deployment
  • Planning of borehole drilling order to reduce inter-hole distances and ‘back-and-forth’ movements.
  • Machine ‘set-up’ checking – vertical alignment, cordoning, bush clearance.
  • Drill site visit checklist – safety, environmental, core quality and handling
  • Documentation – recording of drilling progress