Finance for Non-Financial Executives


Course Brief

In today’s world of instant communication, and with the advent of IFRS (International Finance Reporting Standards), it is an imperative that people other than financial staff have a working knowledge of financial terms and processes. Finance is an integral part of the running of an organisation, and any manager without the requisite skill set and basic knowledge of finance in a business environment, is at an immediate disadvantage.

Albeit one of the simplest disciples to understand, non- financial staff shy away from this, basically because of the financial terms (jargon), and the aura of difficulty surrounding this subject

This course is aimed at the uninitiated, managers as well as executives, it demystifies the accounting process, and will clarify the concepts and purpose of the financial statements. and the interpretation thereof.


Upon successful completion of this course, delegates will understand the fundamentals of financial management in the general business environment, and apply basic financial techniques to assess and improve profitability throughout the organisation

Delegates will:

  • Be cognisant of the terminology of accounting (The language of accounting, or “Jargon”)
  • Understand the accounting process, and how a computerised accounting system works, looking at process flow and document flow system works
  • Know what the effect of IFRS is
  • Know what profit is and how it is measured
  • Understand how tax is levied
  • Understand the three key financial statements, Income Statement (Statement of Financial Performance), Balance Sheet (Statement of Financial Position), and Cash Flow statement.
  • Know how to analyse a set of Financials of a company.
  • Know how to assess the financial viability of a project
  • Brief overview of different costing systems
  • Understand how a company’s value is determined