Fundamentals of Clean Coal Technologies

  • UAE (DUBAI): 12-14/2/24
  • BULGARIA (SOFIA): 11-13/3/24
  • GREECE (ATHENS): 13-15/5/24
  • TURKIYE (ANKARA): 7-9/10/24
  • EUROPE (TBA): 25-27/11/24

Course Brief

The course critically examines clean coal technologies.

All the steps in the coal chain from mine to power plant can be significantly improved with a range of technologies allowing a reduction of environmental impacts (meeting tightening environmental regulations) while plant efficiency and profitability can be maintained or enhanced.

This course will illustrate how the power utility and coal mining industries are leveraging on new technology in clean coal power generation. The broad-based nature of the course provides an insight into the exciting new developments that are currently shaping the coal and power generation industries and markets.

COURSE HIGHLIGHTS – the course will address:

  • Supercritical/Ultra-Supercritical pulverised fuel plants; the dominant technology for new coal-fired plants
  • Fluidised Bed Combustion [FBC] plant, particularly Circulating Fluidised Bed Combustion plants, which an increasing number of companies and utilities are adopting to burn coal, other solid fuels and waste fuels,
  • Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle [IGCC] plants, and
  • Other New and Evolving Technologies, including Oxy-fuel Combustion

The course will also thoroughly examine the key markets for coal-fired power plants and the latest global and regional forecasts for the coal markets and new coal-fired plant will be provided for the period beyond 2020.

CASE STUDIES of these technologies will be provided for a number of key existing and planned power plants



Technical and non-technical professionals who require an introduction to the current and future coal combustion technologies will find this course useful for their projects and future collaborations.

In addition, professionals from utilities companies, coal producers, coal technologies companies, consultancies, regulators, financial institutions and governments will find this training course useful:

  • Power Engineering Professionals
  • Energy R & D Executives
  • Process Engineers
  • Environmental Managers
  • Attorneys/General/Senior Counsel
  • Executives in Emissions and Clean Air Initiatives
  • Plant Developers and Project Managers
  • Coal Mining Executives
  • Asset Management and Risk Managers
  • EPCIC Executives
  • Community and Governmental Affairs
  • New investment or capital funding executives



  • Current global energy scene and the importance of coal
  • Key global coal statistics – production, consumption, trade – important recent trends
  • Introduction to Coal as a fuel, including a description of main types of coal + global coal reserves
  • What are the key drivers behind the introduction of Clean Coal Technologies?


Other key topics and themes that will be examined in detail throughout the course: 

  • Coal-fired power station economics – reviewing several key issues:
  • How are project costs developed? What are the key issues affecting project costs ?
  • Examples of capital cost learning curves
  • How coal-fired plants compare to other electricity generation technologies
  • Technologies to improve the quality of coal as a fuel. This section will examine the technologies available to improve the quality of coal used in power plants.
  • Coal handling and storage issues
  • Review of Main Types of Coal-fired Power Plants
  • Operational problems at power plants caused by coal qualities. The key qualities of coal as a fuel will be examined in detail – together with the technological options available to minimise operational problems.
  • Slagging, fouling and corrosion problems in coal combustion plants
  • Emissions from power plants
  • Sulphur dioxide [SO2] emissions from coal-fired plant
  • Reduction of Nitrogen Oxides [NOx] Emission levels from existing and planned coal-fired plant. Which technological options are available to reduce them
  • Particulate emissions from coal-fired plants
  • Short Review of the key issues concerning Carbon Dioxide [CO2] emissions from coal-fired plant
  • Other harmful emissions from coal-fired plant
  • Multi-pollution Abatement Technologies
  • Co-firing plant with biomass and other fuel sources
  • Water Treatment and Utilisation in Power Plants
  • Opportunities for further improvement in the operation of coal-fired power plants
  • Course Conclusions