Geological Database Management

  • GHANA (ACCRA): 29-31/1/24
  • TANZANIA (DAR ES SALAAM): 4-6/3/24
  • GHANA (ACCRA): 8-10/4/24
  • ANGOLA (LUANDA): 17-19/4/24
  • GHANA (ACCRA): 3-5/6/24
  • DRC (LUBUMBASHI): 1-3/7/24
  • GHANA (ACCRA): 29-31/7/24
  • GUINEA (CONAKRY): 26-28/8/24
  • GHANA (ACCRA): 30/9-2/10/24
  • AN OTHER (TBA): 28-30/11/24

Course Brief

Data is the essential building block for all resource and reserve estimates.  Since quality of the resource and reserve estimates is directly related to the quality of the data, it is paramount that proper quality assurance /quality control [QA/QC] procedures are followed. QA/QC and data validation are ongoing processes.  Procedures should be developed to ensure these QA/QC processes are regularly employed and a system developed for signing off on such employment.

The course has been developed for professionals involved in data management.  It espouses ideas that could be incorporated in any Database system in use at the site.


  • Flowsheets
  • Data capture tools and methods
  • Minimum table requirements
  • Data validation
    • Learn about control per data type
  • Storage
  • Authorization
    • Striplogs
    • Digital signatures
  • Records retrieval
  • Flagging records already used for modelling
  • Dealing with legacy data
  • Excluding records
  • Security and Backup
  • Metadata