Geological Database Management


Course Brief

This course covers the numerical evaluation of coal quality data, beginning with the assessment of the raw data derived from the individual sampled ‘plies’ in each unique borehole intersection, and the compounding of these results into full seam composites. The evaluation is then extended to the elementary statistical analysis of project data sets comprising the full complement of available borehole intersections.

The statistical analysis includes simple data validation techniques designed to highlight data errors and anomalous results in both the physical and the quality attributes of the coal deposit. It also provides valid average values and ranges for these physical and quality data. The numerical work utilises standard Microsoft Excel software.

The statistical analysis is facilitated by the generation of a project-specific database which is also designed to be compatible with ‘user-friendly’ modelling packages such as ‘Surfer or MINEX’, which can then be utilised to produce both physical and quality models of the coal deposit.

The preliminary investigation of the washability characteristics of the coal are also covered in this course.


  • Derivation of Seam Quality Composites from Raw Assay Data
  • Database Layout
  • Data Validation
  • Estimation of Average Physical and Quality Parameters
  • Coal Quality Reporting