Mineral Resource Estimation using Geovia Surpac

  • INDONESIA (SINGAPORE): 8-12/4/24
  • PHILIPPINES (MAKATI): 1-5/7/24

Course Brief

As the strength of every building lies in the building’s foundation, so the foundation of mining also lies in how mineral reserves are estimated within the earth crust.  The resource estimate is used to determine and define the average tonnage and grade of ore in a geologic deposit, based on a block model. Depending on the ore boundaries, geologic deposit geometry, grade variability and the amount of time available, different estimation methods will be used.

This course is a follow on from the Mineral Resource Estimation (Theory and Practical) course and is intended for delegates involved with mineral resource estimation and in the evaluation of mining projects using Geovia® Surpac®. With access to an actual data set, delegates will use Surpac software and learn the steps required to produce a mineral resource estimate, from data collection and analysis, block model creation, variographic analysis, interpolation process, to resource classification and categorization.

This course focuses on geological interpretation, modelling and calculations of reserves.

The course begins with the creation of an orebody model, requiring a critical review of current drill hole data, surface or underground sample data and databases, and other relevant sources of information in order to enable the quantitative and qualitative information required to build the resource model.  Once this phase is completed, block models can be created and estimates derived from the composites. Statistical analysis, simple or ordinary kriging, variography are all applied to generate a block model and grade estimation, followed by validation, grade/tonnage calculations, classification and reporting.

The following subjects will be addressed:


  • Geological Database Management
  • Ore modelling and Compositing
  • Basic Statistical Analysis and Domaining
  • Variography
  • Block Modelling
  • Grade Estimations
  • Model Validation
  • Sample Declustering Techniques
  • Swath Plot Analysis
  • Grade – Tonnage Plotting
  • Classification and Reporting

 Course Requirements

  • Hardware: The individual must have a Personal Computer.
  • Software: Each delegate must have Geovia Surpac Installed on their computers.
  • Manual: A manual, in PDF format, will be provided.