Surface Mine: Drill, Blast, Load, Haul

Course Brief

As the mining industries is rapidly pursuing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, there is still a need to keep the miner grounded to leading practices in the field of surface mining.  For example, poor drilling or the incorrect selection of the blast hole diameter can lead to poor blasts which impacts on mining such as highwall stability, fragmentation, loading and hauling, dilution, and mining loss – just to name a few.  In correct equipment selection or matching of equipment results in unoptimized cycle times and higher operating costs.

The objective of the course is to reinforce learnings around the surface mining cycle. The mining cycle is an interrelated process whereby drill-blast-load-haul impact on each other as well as other aspects to surface mining e.g. safety, highwall design and stability, environment, and economic sustainability.  The course’s objective is to review specifics aspects of the drill-blast-load-haul cycle that informs the delegate of leading practices in the area of surface mining.